The Cheapest Ways To Tow Your Vehicle Long Distance

Towing a vehicle for a long distance can be a hassle. Whether you are moving to a new place or simply traveling the country, having to pull a car can be a costly expenditure. While some car insurances may cover some of the towing cost, much of it will have to be paid out of pocket by the traveler. Luckily, there is a very cheap option to consider when having to tow a vehicle for a long distance.

Attach to another vehicle

One inexpensive method that can be used to tow your car across the country is to attach the vehicle in question to another vehicle with a tow bar. The vehicle that is doing the towing must be four wheel drive, such as a truck or SUV, but it is an option many people use when traveling far.

While many people will use a tow rope when towing their car, the safer option when traveling for extended distances is to use a tow bar. While a tow bar usually costs over a hundred dollars, it will ensure your car safely gets to its destination and will cause you less worry when traveling.

Rent a car dolly

Another option that can be considered if you are not comfortable towing your vehicle in this way is to rent a car dolly. This option while costing a bit more will prevent you from adding extra mileage to your car. While this may seem like a good option, it does have some caveats. Many rental companies will not allow you to only rent a car dolly but will require you to rent a truck with it.

Overall, the cheapest option when it comes to towing your vehicle for long distances is to use a tow bar. This option will allow you to save money and ensure your vehicle arrives safely to your destination.

If you’re not confident in your abilities to tow a vehicle on your own, seek the services of a professional towing company. Once of the best long-distance towing companies in Westminster, CO and throughout Colorado is Westminster Towing Service.

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