5 Tips For Choosing a Towing Company

towing service

When your car gets stuck you may feel panicked. This may happen to everyone at one time or another. It seems like you are now at the mercy of a tow company. This does not have to be the case. These are 5 tips for choosing a tow company.

1. Out of Town Towing

If you are out of town and your car broke down you may want to contact the police department in that town. They will be able to give your recommendations of reliable long-distance towing companies that can help tow your car.

2. Get AAA

Service such as Triple-A will be there for you if your car needs to be towed. They will contact the towing companies. Since you pay for this service, you will not have to pay the tow driver out of pocket. Some insurance companies also offer towing service. You should get this as part of your insurance plan. That way all you need to do is contact the insurance company and everything will be taken care of.

3. Over the Phone Service

You can tell a lot about how a company is going to treat you by the first call. Bad customer service on the phone can be an indication or poor customer service when the tow driver arrives. If you are treated disrespectfully on the phone, call another tow company.

4. Ask for the Price

If you do not have to tow on your insurance, ask the tow company for the price upfront. They should be able to give you a cost and tell you about additional things that may not be included. If you do not have cash be sure they accept credit cards or another form of payment.

5. Ride

If there is no one around to come and get you, ask if you are able to ride with the driver to your tow location. If not, you will be stuck where you broke down. Most companies should be able to also you to ride with the driver.
These are some things to look for in a towing company. If in the Denver area, you should research towing companies in Aurora, CO to find reputable ones beforehand, so you are not in a panic if your car breaks down.