Ready your car for the winter months


car in snow

Repairing your car is very costly. That is why its is important to apply precautionary measures to ensure your vehicle is in a good  condition.

This is especially important during the winter season. This is because winter presents unique challenges to your car.

You, therefore, need to put preparatory measures days before the onset of winter. Some of the tips on how to prepare your vehicle for winter include:

If you drive frequently during winter, you will know that your tires must have better grip. It is therefore important to ensure you have proper tires for your car. Consider purchasing special winter tires. You also need to have the pressure of your tires checked to ensure they will be effective on he the road. This is because during winter your vehicle is more likely to reduce pressure thus becoming less effective.

Winter requires that you have your battery functioning at its peak. If you do not have a proper battery then consider purchasing a new one. It is also important to have and know how to use jump start cables just in case. Winter temperatures greatly reduces the effectiveness of your car battery.

Improve your ability to see the road in foggy conditions and the ability of other drivers to see you on the road by doing required repairs to both  your headlight as well as break light.

Your wiper blades will have to do more work during winter conditions. You may need to have new ones. You also need to have an effective windscreen for your vehicle.

You need to have important equipment to assist and make life easy during winter. These include items such as first aid kit, warm clothing, towing rope in case of any eventuality, thick car mat among others.

The Cheapest Ways To Tow Your Vehicle Long Distance

Towing a vehicle for a long distance can be a hassle. Whether you are moving to a new place or simply traveling the country, having to pull a car can be a costly expenditure. While some car insurances may cover some of the towing cost, much of it will have to be paid out of pocket by the traveler. Luckily, there is a very cheap option to consider when having to tow a vehicle for a long distance.

Attach to another vehicle

One inexpensive method that can be used to tow your car across the country is to attach the vehicle in question to another vehicle with a tow bar. The vehicle that is doing the towing must be four wheel drive, such as a truck or SUV, but it is an option many people use when traveling far.

While many people will use a tow rope when towing their car, the safer option when traveling for extended distances is to use a tow bar. While a tow bar usually costs over a hundred dollars, it will ensure your car safely gets to its destination and will cause you less worry when traveling.

Rent a car dolly

Another option that can be considered if you are not comfortable towing your vehicle in this way is to rent a car dolly. This option while costing a bit more will prevent you from adding extra mileage to your car. While this may seem like a good option, it does have some caveats. Many rental companies will not allow you to only rent a car dolly but will require you to rent a truck with it.

Overall, the cheapest option when it comes to towing your vehicle for long distances is to use a tow bar. This option will allow you to save money and ensure your vehicle arrives safely to your destination.

If you’re not confident in your abilities to tow a vehicle on your own, seek the services of a professional towing company. Once of the best long-distance towing companies in Westminster, CO and throughout Colorado is Westminster Towing Service.

Traveling Route 66 This Summer

Traveling Route 66 This Summer

A bit of history

The famous Route 66, also known as the Will Rogers memorial highway, the Main Street Of America or the Mother Road, was established on November 11, 1926, and has been one the most famous roads of the United States ever since. It will allow you traveling from Chicago, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before ending in Santa Monica, California, with a length of 3940 kilometers.  Here is a look at some of the highlights of Route 66.

Trip guidance

Driving through one of America’s most iconic highways is definitely the trip of a lifetime; this legendary road passes through the heart of the United States while taking a gaze into some of the country’s roadside scenes that would leave you speechless for weeks.

Before setting sail, you must ensure your vehicle is at optimal condition, full tank and proper oil levels. You may as well want to check the alignment and balance of your vehicle’s axis.

Whenever you wish to call it a day, you may want to consider staying at some of our recommended places that charge less than $150 a night, such as the Three Roses at Illinois, The Blue Swallow at New Mexico, Campbell Hotel at Oklahoma, La Posada at Arizona, or the Wigwam Motel at California. All of these offer restaurants with delicious dinners and breakfasts, as well as Wi-Fi availability for all the customers.

Precautions to take while traveling

Traveling through almost four thousand kilometers can symbolize a great deal of strain for any vehicle, especially if you’re the kind of traveler who likes to take 10 hours straight up drives. This is why we advise you carry a basic car maintenance kit, as well as an electric air pump for your wheels, should things go south. Also make sure you have a spare tire in optimal conditions for the worst case scenario.

And you can never be too prepared for whatever comes wrongly. Be sure to have an emergency budget in case your car reaches an unfortunate scenario of “completely out of service”; should this happen you will very likely require a tow truck service to take you to the nearest mechanical auto workshop and get the immediate aid you require in a fast pace, so you don’t lose anything from your dreamed trip.

There are several dedicated tow truck, wreckers and auto repair services available with express speed spread evenly throughout New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma. These could be considered your checkpoints or “pits” for routine maintenance and making sure everything’s still in order in your car’s insides to ensure a seamless trip with no emergencies.